Petro Serve USA’s very name implies its commitment to renewable fuels produced right here in America’s Heartland. Petro Serve USA only sells fuels sourced in North America and refined here in the Midwest. Choosing refined fuels from Petro Serve USA Helps America Fuel Better.

  • Refined Fuels

    Refined products include diesel, RoadMaster and FieldMaster premium diesel, gasoline, and kerosene. 10 transports, 10 bulk delivery trucks, 6 bulk plants ensure you will never run out of fuel.

    Petro Servce USA fuel truck

    Commercial Services

    We are the area’s leading commercial fueler offering high-quality products, a proven safety record, competitive prices, and exemplary service. At Petro Serve USA, we work the late shift even when you don’t. Our 24-hour night delivery service will fuel your fleet of trucks or off-road equipment to be ready for the next day.

    Delivery Services

    • Fuel delivery
    • LP gas delivery
    • Bulk oil delivery
    • Package oil delivery
    • Tank installation and leasing programs available

    We offer a variety of contracts to our customers:

    • Fixed forward price contracts
    • Strip contracts
  • Propane

    Do you need propane for home heating, grilling, transportation, or to fuel your appliances? We’re ready to serve you.

    Petro Servce USA propane truck

    We strive to provide worry-free home heating service. We offer a wide variety of only high-quality, competitively priced home heating fuels. We offer regularly scheduled delivery using state-of-the-art, computer-based, degree-day calculations. Level payment, summer fill, and contract plans are available. And, as a cooperative, we return 100% of our profits to our members. In prior years that has amounted to $0.14 per gallon on fuel oil and $0.09 per gallon on propane.

    Uses of Propane

    When sold as fuel, propane is also known as liquified petroleum gas (LPG or LP-gas) and can be a mixture of propane with smaller amounts of propylene, butane and butylene, plus an odorant (ethanethiol) to allow the normally odorless propane to be smelled. In the United States, propane is primarily a pure fuel with only the odorant added.

    In many areas of the United States, propane is used in furnaces, stoves, water heaters, laundry dryers, and other heat-producing appliances. 6.5 million American households use propane as their primary heating fuel. Propane also powers some locomotives, buses, forklifts, and taxis and is used for heat and cooking in recreational vehicles and campers.

    Other industries in the United States using propane include glass makers, brick kilns, poultry farms, and other industries that need portable heat.

    Propane is heavier than air. In its raw state, propane sinks and pools at ground level. Liquid propane will flash to a vapor at atmospheric pressure and appears white due to moisture condensing from the air.

    If you have questions about how you can benefit by using propane in your home or on your farm, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable and experienced propane staff will be happy to answer your questions.