Our C-Stores have it all. We have Hot Deals, Monthly Specials, and Hot, Fresh, Ready to go Lunch Specials that will definitely feed a giant’s hunger. Check out all of our offerings below.

Hot Deals

  • Hot Stuff Pizza

    Hot Stuff Pizza

    4 for $4 • Every Day

  • Moosh Moosh

    Moosh Moosh

    Softest Plushies on Earth

  • Pizza & 2-Liter

    Pizza & 2-Liter

    $6.99 • Monday–Friday • 5–7 p.m.

  • Genuine Broaster Chicken

    Genuine Broaster Chicken

    8 pieces starting at $10.00
    Dinners starting as low as $4.99
    *Dinners come with 2 sides and a biscuit

  • Coffee for Life

    Coffee for Life

    Buy any PSUSA coffee mug and get FREE refills for life of the mug

  • Discount Gas Card

    Discount Gas Card

    Ask cashier for a FREE discount gas card and start saving 5¢ on every gallon of gas or diesel.

  • BOGO Tuesdays

    BOGO Tuesdays

    Every Tuesday buy ANY one car wash get one free

  • Lucky 7 32 oz. Cup

    Lucky 7 32 oz. Cup

    Purchase a Lucky 7 32 oz. cup and get 79¢ refills every time.



    Join our Lucky 7 Club and start earning your way towards FREE food. Get stamped 6 times and your 7th stamp earns you a FREE Item. Ask cashier for a card.

    Double Stamp Tuesdays: Get your card stamped twice

Weekly Specials

Each meal comes with 2 sides and a fresh bun.

  • Fargo


    3820 12th Ave. NW.

    • Monday: Cheese Ravioli
    • Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs
    • Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs
    • Thursday: Goulash
    • Friday: Beef Enchilada
  • West Fargo

    West Fargo

    1021 Main Ave. W.

    • Monday: Mac and Beef
    • Tuesday: Meatloaf
    • Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs
    • Thursday: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
    • Friday: Sloppy Joes
  • Harwood


    310 Dakota Ave.

    • Monday: Sausage Potato
    • Tuesday: Meatballs
    • Wednesday: Chef's Choice
    • Thursday: Meatloaf
    • Friday: Sloppy Joes or Pulled Pork
  • Valley City

    Valley City

    1020 8th Ave. SW.

    • Monday: Beef Tips & Gravy or Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
    • Tuesday: Hot Beef Sandwich or Chicken Pot Pie
    • Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs or Lasagna
    • Thursday: Pulled Pork or French Dip Sandwich
    • Friday: Pulled Pork with Gravy or Chicken Fettuccine
  • Ulen


    205 1st St. SW.

    • Monday: Tater Tot Hotdish
    • Tuesday: Lasagna
    • Wednesday: Scalloped Potatoes
    • Thursday: Salisbury Steak
    • Friday: Meatballs
  • Glyndon


    11 State St. NE.

    • Monday: Mac and Cheese with Ham
    • Tuesday: Cod Fillet
    • Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs
    • Thursday: Tater Tot Hotdish
    • Friday: Chicken Tenders
  • North Fargo

    North Fargo

    205 NP Ave.

    • Monday: Swedish Meatballs
    • Tuesday: Tater Tot Hotdish
    • Wednesday: Lasagna
    • Thursday: Salisbury Steak
    • Friday: Chef's Choice

Monthly Specials

  • Pizza Corner Pizza

    Pizza Corner Pizza


  • GIANTS Sunflower Seeds

    GIANTS Sunflower Seeds


  • Fountain Pop

    Fountain Pop

    Any Size *excludes 32oz. Lucky 7 cups

  • Pearson's Nut Rolls

    Pearson's Nut Rolls

    Assorted Flavor
    2 for $1

  • Red Bull

    Red Bull


  • Blue Diamond

    Blue Diamond


  • Firewood



  • ND/MN T-Shirts

    ND/MN T-Shirts


  • Ice Breakers/Kit Kats

    Ice Breakers/Kit Kats

    $1.29 Each

  • Moosh Moosh Flip'Em

    Moosh Moosh Flip'Em